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Risen Energy plans new four-hour battery storage project in New South Wales

January 24, 2023

Renew Economy:

A subsidiary of Chinese solar company and project developer Risen Energy is proposing a new four-hour lithium battery storage project at Coleambally in the Riverina region of New South Wales, adjacent to the existing Coleambally solar farm.

The proposed battery would have an anticipated capacity of 100 MW/400MWh, with the energy stored able to be supplied to the national grid. It would be composed of four battery system blocks with one power conversion system (PCS) each, and a substation.

The project, which has an estimated 35 to 40-year lifespan, is pitching itself as a balancing solution to the volatility of renewable energy generation as the state transitions away from fossil fuels.

Risen says the Coleambally battery will store electricity for use during periods of low renewables output, which it says will be crucial as the country’s most dependent coal state transitions from centralised to decentralised power generation as its remaining coal fired plants are decommissioned.

Renewable energy storage will be needed to protect Australia’s grid from a bumpy energy transition. The report notes that more than 2.3GW of storage capacity, with varying storage lengths, will be required to support the NSW government renewable roadmap.

[Amalyah Hart]

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