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Renewables to account for 85% of global electricity by 2050

September 14, 2017

PV Magazine:

A new report from DNV GL forecasts a bright future for renewable energy, predicting that by 2050 electricity demand will increase 140% to become the largest form of energy consumed, and that 85% of this electricity will be generated from renewable sources.

Industry analysts DNV GL predict that solar will be a leading source of energy by 2050, responsible for around one third of the global electricity supply.

The report, the first edition of a new annual publication from DNV GL, aims to forecast the ‘most likely’ future for energy through to 2050. Its key findings are that overall energy demand will stop growing within the next 15 years – thanks to increased efficiency and slower population/productivity growth, that much of the existing demand will shift to electricity – as the transport and heating sectors are increasingly electrified, and that the electricity supply will be dominated by renewables – responsible for 85% globally.

“The very large increases in PV and wind capacity do not appear to introduce any insuperable new issues in order to maintain secure electricity systems,” states the report. “Such major penetration is beginning to take place in various European grids, and the system operators have shown themselves capable of addressing problems. As penetration increases further, so will innovation.”

DNV GL: Renewables to account for 85% of global electricity by 2050

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