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Renewable-Energy Leader in India Can Double Its Wind and Solar by 2027

February 07, 2018

Indo-Asian News Service:

Tamil Nadu should double its wind energy capacity to 15 gigawatts (GW) and increase its solar capacity six-fold to 13.8 GW by 2026-27 whilst simultaneously delivering cheaper electricity, the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) said on Wednesday.

An IEEFA report, “Electricity Transformation in India: A Case Study of Tamil Nadu”, showed how Tamil Nadu is building 22,500 MW of expensive coal-fired power plants — almost double the entire existing coal-fired fleet in the state — despite the favorable investment and electricity tariff costs of wind and solar.

It warned that building more non-pithead coal-based plants at a time when existing plants are being used at a low 62 per cent of the time, as opposed to the optimal 80 per cent, will make new and existing plants financially unviable. The IEEFA’s research and modelling predicts that many new coal-based plant proposals such as the 4,000 MW Cheyyur ultra mega power project will be cancelled due to unfavorable financial factors.

A more diversified electricity generation mix will best serve Tamil Nadu, IEEFA’s Energy Finance Studies Australasia Director Tim Buckley said. New lower cost solar capital additions and a major repowering of Tamil Nadu’s wind projects, a concerted improvement in energy efficiency plus reduced transmission and distribution losses, should deliver more than 80 per cent of all electricity demand growth over the coming decade while also driving wholesale price deflation, he said.

Tamil Nadu should double wind energy capacity: IEEFA

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