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Rapid progress of Australia transition raising issues for electricity market

May 05, 2021

Renew Economy:

Australia will experience more and more days powered by 100 per cent renewable electricity as the growth in wind and solar uptake continues to surge, a key government advisor on market reforms has told an industry briefing.

The Energy Security Board has commenced a consultation process on a proposed package of reforms to Australia’s main market for electricity, which it says will help manage a rapid transition currently underway from transitional coal and gas generators to a new mix of predominantly wind, solar and storage.

Chair of the Energy Security Board, Kerry Schott, told a stakeholder briefing on Tuesday that Australia was on track for a faster than expected switch to renewable energy sources and that this would throw up challenges necessitating changes to the design of the electricity market.

Schott reiterated her assessment that Australia’s uptake of wind and solar was outpacing some of the most ambitious scenarios modelled by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) in its 2020 Integrated System Plan (ISP).

[Michael Mazengarb]

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