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PTT Global Ohio project continues in limbo

February 04, 2021

The Columbus Dispatch:

It’s been years since a massive petrochemical hub was proposed along the Ohio River in Belmont County, creating what would be the biggest economic-development project in Ohio with thousands of construction jobs and a couple hundred permanent jobs.

Yet the company behind the project, Thailand-based PTT Global Chemical of America, has never formally committed to building on the site even as JobsOhio, the state’s economic-development arm, has paid $70 million to develop the site.

With a lack of a formal commitment, questions continue to surface about the project’s future. 

“The economics do not make sense, which is why PTTGCA has not gone forward,” Kathy Hipple, professor of finance at Bard College and former financial analyst with the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, said during the forum. 

[Beth Burger]

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