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Plan floated to repower New York City fossil plant with offshore wind

January 26, 2023

US energy asset manager and developer, Rise Light & Power, has submitted a proposal in response to New York State’s offshore wind solicitation which the company says will be the nation’s first renewable repowering of a major fossil-fuel plant with offshore wind power.

By securing an ownership stake in an offshore wind project, Rise said it will be an integral part of an offshore wind proposal to be submitted to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) on Thursday, 26 January.

The project takes advantage of, and will utilize, existing energy infrastructure at Rise’s Long Island City’s Ravenswood Generating Station—New York City’s largest power generator.

The project is also said to have strong community support for its goal to transition Ravenswood into a clean energy hub with a mature and cost-effective interconnection of renewable offshore wind energy into New York City.

”The renewable repowering of Ravenswood will serve as a model of how to work with communities and repurpose transmission infrastructure to save ratepayers money,” said Clint Plummer, Chief Executive Officer of Rise Light & Power.

[Adnan Durakovic]

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