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Pennsylvania drillers attempt to ease methane concerns with “responsible sourcing”

May 06, 2021


Chris Romer believes the natural gas industry has a bit of a brand problem.

So, he’s directing his passion for solving what he calls “big gnarly problems” toward the gas industry. The former investment banker and Colorado state senator is now focused on climate change and methane leaks as CEO of Project Canary, which monitors and evaluates gas sites.

He insists his goal is to clean up the industry’s operations, not just its image.

“We’re fundamentally about certifying best practices and stopping the bad operators,” Romer said.

Project Canary is a B Corp, which means it’s a mission-driven, for-profit company. It was founded in Colorado, which has strict regulations for methane emissions.

Methane leaks are a problem because the greenhouse gas has 28 times more warming power than carbon dioxide over the course of a century. 

It’s getting harder for gas to compete against cheaper renewables and batteries, said Bruce Robertson, an analyst with the nonprofit Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, which works to speed the transition to a sustainable energy economy.

[Rachel McDevitt]

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