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Orlando utility comes in for criticism over gutting residential solar

December 07, 2020

Orlando Sentinel:

Critics say a clean-energy plan set for approval by Orlando Utilities Commission is on a rushed timeline with analysis being kept secret, lacks commitment to energy efficiency and is setting a pathway for gutting financial motivation for residents to install rooftop solar panels.

Commissioner Patty Sheehan at the Orlando City Council meeting on Monday harshly criticized OUC over her concern the utility is moving to end net metering, a practice in which residents with solar panels are paid the retail price for electricity when they produce a surplus. 

But OUC’s plan lacks in public accountability and technical details and appears to ensure risky dependency on fossil fuels, said David Schlissel, director of resource planning at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, an international, nonprofit think tank focused on accelerating a sustainable and profitable energy economy.

Schlissel said his review of OUC’s proposed energy plan, an exercise his organization routinely performs, was prompted by a request of members of Poder Latinx, a community activism group.

“The proposed resource plan is a black box, lacking the information needed to verify its key results and conclusions,” Schlissel said. 

[Kevin Spear]

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