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Renew Economy:

Origin Energy says it has received planning approval from the NSW government for the 2,800MWh big battery that will at least partially replace the Eraring power station it plans to close in 2025.

The Eraring big battery has planning approval for 700MW or capacity and four hours of storage, or 2,800MWh, and would be the biggest in the country if built to full capacity, although it will face a few contenders for that title.

It is one of at least two batteries – along with the state government’s planned Waratah “Super-battery” – that will replace the capacity of the Eraring coal plant, which at 2.8GW is also the biggest in the country.

Origin is fast-tracking the closure of Eraring coal to 2025 from 2032 because it no longer sees a long-term business case for so-called “baseload” assets as the amount of renewables, and rooftop solar in particular, grows its share of the market.

[Giles Parkinson]

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