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U.S. utility Portland General Electric (PGE) has unveiled plans to source up to 2GW of renewable energy to help meet a target of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from power served to customers by at least 80% by 2030, 90% by 2035 and zero by 2040.

The company has initiated a request for proposals (RFP) public process and filed its inaugural Distribution System Plan at the Oregon Public Utilities Commission (OPUC).

It has estimated by 2030 it will nearly triple the amount of clean and renewable energy serving customers.

To achieve the goal, PGE, in addition to removing coal from its portfolio, will need approximately 1.5GW to 2GW of clean and renewable resources. It will also need approximately 800MW of non-emitting dispatchable capacity resources.

PGE is working to accelerate its exit from the coal-fired Colstrip plant by the end of 2025.

Initially, PGE is seeking approximately 1GW of resources by initiating its RFP public process.

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