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Operators of half of India’s power generators commit to no new coal plants

April 21, 2021

The Sentinel:

States and companies that cumulatively operate 50 per cent of existing installed power generation capacity in India are committed to not building new coal power plants, a new analysis said Wednesday.

The analysis, released by Delhi-based climate communications outfit Climate Trends, measures the cumulative impact of few states and companies that have pivoted towards renewable energy to cater to new demand growth.

NTPC, India’s largest government owned power company that owns more than 25 per cent (54,224 MW) of total installed coal capacity, is committed to not building any new greenfield coal power plants.

Developers don’t want their investment turned into NPAs and DISCOMS want to improve their financial health by reducing the cost of power purchase. This trend is likely to be followed by other developers and DISCOMS in India, with low or no appetite for any new coal, said Vibhuti Garg, Energy Economist, IEEFA.

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