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One-sided deal with ExxonMobil leaves Guyana out of oil revenues

August 09, 2021

Kaieteur News:

The Sanzillo Report on the oil outlook for this country promises the hellish for Guyana. What should be a time of reaping and rejoicing for Guyanese, even the lowliest ones, already looks forbidding with what is in store, compliments of thoughtless, heedless political leaders in successive national governments. In brief, this is what the Report by Mr. Tom Sanzillo of the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) places before leaders of and citizens in a comprehensive and unsparing manner.

It is not as much as a bombshell of a Report as it would normally be, because we have been putting parts of this out before all Guyanese on a continuing basis, through the analyses of local and foreign heads. Though the effects may be somewhat less startling than before, it is what is brought out (yet again) on how badly we could fare with our oil gift and the future returns from it.

For what Mr. Sanzillo did in this Report was to flesh out the damaging details, and wrench out interpretations that leave us cold. This Report should leave all Guyanese cold, including any political leader who says that he cares about the welfare of each of the 750,000 citizens of this still poor and struggling society. It is one which could be condemned to a savaging fate, should Exxon be allowed to continue to get away with what is financial predation and murder by the numbers.

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