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Ohio River Valley residents demand Biden battle plastic pollution crisis

December 26, 2020

Frack Check WV:

Concerned Ohio River Residents (CORR) and 500+ member organizations have recently launched the Presidential Plastics Action Plan, a national effort to demand president-elect Biden utilize his executive authority to fight the plastic pollution crisis. Eight bold executive actions, outlined in the Plan, could immediately set the nation on a pathway to a plastic-pollution-free future while longer-term measures that require action at all levels of government and society are developed.

CORR remains committed to advocating on behalf of residents of the Ohio River Valley whose health, safety, and livelihoods have been adversely impacted by fossil fuel extraction and plastic production. If we are serious about stopping the plastic pollution crisis, we must reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic produced by petrochemical facilities like the PTTGC ethane cracker plant, proposed for construction in Dilles Bottom, Ohio. If built, the plant would further entrench our regional economy in fossil fuel extraction and plastics production, contributing to our planet’s unprecedented global plastics congestion.

Our communities have uniquely suffered from our region’s outsized contribution to the fossil-fuel-caused climate crisis. It’s time to demand better.

The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis has previously published a series of grim outlooks on these projects, pointing out that ratings agencies and investors alike are souring on their prospects. And there is even more reason to be concerned that the entire concept — fracking for petrochemical feedstock to make plastic — is fundamentally flawed. 

[Diana Gooding]

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