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New Orleans OKs Entergy resource plan to boost renewables, storage

August 19, 2022

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The New Orleans City Council on Aug. 18 voted unanimously to approve the Entergy New Orleans LLC 2021 triennial integrated resource plan, outlining future capacity needs that could likely be met by renewables and storage.

The Entergy Corp. subsidiary filed its 2021 integrated resource plan, or IRP, with the council in March. In the plan, Entergy New Orleans included three future planning scenarios.

The first, a "reference" scenario, continues the status quo. The second, a "decentralized focus" scenario, included aggressive deployment of distributed energy resources and demand-side management and "moderately" accelerated coal and legacy gas retirements. The third "stakeholder focus" scenario included high load growth, high gas prices and demand-side management additions, as well as lower renewables costs and stringent carbon mandates that would drive much earlier retirement of non-Entergy New Orleans coal and gas plants. (Docket No. UD-20-02)

The planning scenarios combined with four separate planning strategies in the IRP resulted in 12 different proposed portfolio options. In its order, the New Orleans council said the 2021 IRP was the first plan that showed no new fossil-fueled resources added to Entergy New Orleans' resource portfolio, even under the unconstrained least-cost planning strategy. New Orleans IRP rules do not require the utility to select a preferred portfolio.

[Abbie Bennett]

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