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As net-zero targets loom, global push to end coal hastens

September 24, 2021

Sydney Morning Herald:

As Treasurer Josh Frydenberg urged his colleagues on Friday to adopt a net zero 2050 target – despite defiant foot-stamping by his Nationals Coalition partners – the rest of the world spent the week signalling it was preparing to take far faster and more dramatic action: killing the global coal power industry.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s announcement on Tuesday that his country would cease funding offshore coal-fired power stations might have been a surprise to some. But to those with an eye on intensifying climate diplomacy, it was just the latest blow in a concerted effort to rid the world of its dirtiest source of fuel.

“China pulled the rug out from under [coal advocates], and Australia doesn’t have a blocking coalition [at G20 climate talks next month],” said Nick Mabey, a climate diplomacy expert and chief executive of the global think tank E3G.

[Nick O’Malley] 

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