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Mountaineer storage plan presents serious safety risks

March 13, 2021

The Register-Herald:

Mountaineer NGL Storage plans to store 3 million barrels of highly toxic and flammable fracked-gas liquids next to, or under, the Ohio River in caverns created by three salt wells, each using 1.7 million gallons of fresh water daily.

Ten percent of the resulting 30-million barrels of super-saline water would be kept for cavern pressurization. This polluted water is to be held in a huge pond below the Ohio River high water mark in Monroe County, OH, upon abandoned mines and mine entrances. With such unstable footing the pond could fail contaminating drinking water for five-million people.

On the 200-acre site are also adjacent fracked wells and gas pipelines. Such infrastructure near large gas impoundments has touched off disasters elsewhere. 

These risks are unjustifiable. A March, 2020, institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis report concludes that a plastics-production complex, supplied by the gas-liquids storage, is not economically feasible–even without considering clean-up and health care costs. And according to industry which reliably overstates benefits, the storage project will provide only 15 temporary jobs. 

[Barbara Daniels]

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