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Japanese climate change plans promise much, except details

October 30, 2020

Channel News Asia:

Experts have welcomed Japan’s pledge to pursue a carbon-neutral future but cautioned about a lack of detail on how the country might achieve such drastic emission cuts within three decades.

This week, the country’s new prime minister Yoshihide Suga moved Japan in step with its regional neighbours in pursuing a far more ambitious climate change agenda, by outlining a goal of cutting greenhouse gases to zero on a net basis by 2050.

For the fifth biggest carbon emitter in the world, the new pledge is a significant upgrade on a vague prior commitment to reaching that target sometime in the latter part of the century.

“Prime Minister Suga should be congratulated for making Japan’s position on climate change so transparent. It’s good that Japan is now ready to get started,” said Ms Melissa Brown, director of Energy Finance Studies, Asia at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

“We are well past the time when face-saving gestures will be sufficient, however.” 

[Jack Board]

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