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Installed U.S. wind capacity topped 100GW in 2019, trade group says

April 17, 2020

The U.S. now has more than 100GW of wind installed after it connected some 9.1GW of new projects to the grid last year.

Total U.S. capacity now stands at 105GW, with 2019 additions representing 39 percent of all utility-scale power additions to the grid nationally.

The figures, published in an annual report by U.S. wind association AWEA, show wind is the largest provider of renewable energy in the country, supplying over seven percent of the nation’s electricity last year.

Last year, wind capacity grew by 9.6 percent nationally, spurred on by strong additions in the states of Texas and Iowa.

Research shows the U.S. wind industry now supports a record 120,000 American jobs, 530 domestic factories and rakes in $1.6 billion a year for local states and communities, AWEA said.

Last year was also a successful year for U.S. PPA deals in the wind sector, with corporate buyers announcing 8.7GW of new offtake agreements.

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