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India should use brownfields to bolster transmission infrastructure

January 29, 2021

CEO Insights India:

The world is treading the edge of a climate change precipice. The UN has termed climate change as one of the most defining issues of our time. The impact of erratic weather patterns, rising sea levels and global warming, can no longer be ignored. Drastic measures are needed to curb the impact of Greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions on our environment. The Electricity sector is one of the world’s major contributors to CO2 emissions globally. The measures taken by this sector in the fight against global warming to curb CO2, will have far reaching consequences. 

According to an IEEFA report in 2019, India will need ~$80 billion investment in the transmission sector to keep pace with growing generation capacity. India needs strong transmission policies that will encourage the uprate/upgrade of existing transmission infrastructure assets before considering new builds. We need clear perspective planning factoring in N-2 contingencies, that will help us leapfrog our capabilities to provide reliable and quality 24/7 power for all in the future. 

[Manish Agarwal]

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