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India policy encourages private coal mining for COVID recovery

April 09, 2021


India is just one of an increasing number of “developing” nation which have recognized that the mad rush toward a “net zero carbon” economy does not serve the interests of their ordinary citizens. These countries are also waking up to the fact that serving the public interest necessitates major increases in abundant, affordable, reliable, mostly fossil fuel electricity to power their burgeoning economies.

When first-world reporters write about the developing world’s ongoing love affair with fossil fuels, their reports are “not necessarily the news!” Instead, they editorialize in nearly every story about the “sad” reliance of India, China, African nations and others on “the highest polluting resource” – coal. 

Despite the preaching, Singh admitted that the Indian government sees private coal mining as a way to create jobs in an economy devastated by the COVID pandemic. Coal mining projects, he conceded, will bring in new investments and boost socio-economic development in mining regions (and beyond). He even cited Tim Buckley of the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, who recognizes that “India can’t just stop using coal overnight.” Coal is still “a necessary evil” for the country. 

[Duggan Flanakin]

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