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Guyana administration ignores criticism of gas-to-shore project plan

March 27, 2021

Kaieteur News:

The Irfaan Ali led administration is steadfast in its plan to land a multibillion dollar pipeline at Wales, West Bank Demerara, for the proposed gas-to-shore project despite the widespread criticism it has faced from industry experts.

Many share the same concern that Government is moving too fast and should pump their breaks, at least until a thorough plan is laid out to show exactly how the project will benefit Guyanese.

Vice President (VP) and local oil boss, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, has touted a reduction in electricity costs as one of the most crucial benefits to be had. On this premise, no financial feasibility study will be conducted, as according to the VP, that aspect is “a no-brainer.”

But International Environmental Lawyer, Melinda Janki is taking him to task on his comments, and is now challenging Dr. Jagdeo to present irrefutable evidence in support of his claim.

Janki also alluded to statements made by Tom Sanzillo, Director of financial analysis at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), that the intended gas-to-shore project could prove financially damaging to Guyana.

Sanzillo had made the point that although he can appreciate Government’s inclination to respond to the rising demand for electricity while addressing black out woes, Guyana’s modus operandi when negotiating the lopsided oil contract gives no evidence that it can do right when bringing gas to shore.

Janki then asked, “IEEFA says this gas project could bankrupt Guyana. Can the Vice-President answer IEEFA’s financial assessment? Whom do the Guyanese people believe? A Government that has no experience of gas or the expert analysis of an international energy body that is decades old.” 

[Shikema Dey]

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