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Green Hydrogen eyed as fuel of the future

January 23, 2021

ABC News:

Abundant, cheap and clean-burning, hydrogen has long been described as the fuel of the future.

That future has never quite materialised, however, due to hydrogen’s disadvantages. It’s difficult to transport, it can make metal brittle and it’s 20 times more explosive than petrol.

But in recent years, “green hydrogen” — hydrogen made without fossil fuels — has been identified as the clean energy source that could help bring the world to net-zero emissions.

Tim Buckley, an energy market analyst from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), predicts the price of green hydrogen will drop 70 per cent in the next decade in countries with cheap renewables.

“Where green hydrogen is almost inevitably going to work is where green energy is going to be almost free,” he said.

“Places like Rajasthan in India or the Pilbara in Australia.” 

[James Purtill]

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