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Green hydrogen, clean stocks looking like best bets for 2021

December 24, 2020

The Reckoning:

The time to back the right stocks is now.


Because it’s still such early days.

There are drawbacks, hurdles, and big problems that still need to be solved if this source lives up to its billing.

ABC news continues:

‘The disadvantages of green hydrogen may be equal to its advantages, Bloomberg New Energy Finance analyst Michael Liebreich wrote in an essay published in October.

‘Bloomberg NEF estimates that an $11 trillion investment in production and storage worldwide through 2050 and more electricity than the world generates now to have green hydrogen meet a quarter of the world’s energy needs. In addition, it carries one quarter the amount of energy per unit compared to natural gas, can embrittle metal and is highly combustible, Liebreich wrote.

‘In addition, the current investment and production are not forecast to keep up with demand. Current projects are only expected to generate 3 million tons a year, compared to a global target of 8.7 million tons per year, a report published in August by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis found.’ 

[Lachlann Tierney]

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