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German solar group says rooftop installations jumped 52% in 2022

March 13, 2023

Renewables Now:

Home solar storage systems are becoming increasingly popular in Germany with the number of new installations soaring 52% in 2022, according to data published by the country's solar energy association BSW Solar.

Around 214,000 residential solar storage systems and some 3,900 commercial storage systems were added in 2022, up from 141,000 and 2,750, respectively, in 2021, according to BSW.

Thus, at the end of last year, around 630,000 private households and some 10,000 companies across Germany had an installed solar storage system. The association cited calculations based on data from the Federal Network Agency.

More than two-thirds of the fresh residential solar systems are combined with a battery which ensures that households will be able to use self-generated solar power around the clock. According to BSW, the energy crisis has led to a nearly fivefold increase in newly installed residential solar capacity over the last four years.

The number of solar batteries in Germany has grown exponentially over the past four years and the upward trend is expected to continue amid rising electricity costs for private households as well as for industrial and commercial businesses.

According to surveys conducted on behalf of BSW, around half of private property owners consider installing a battery at home to store solar power while 28% of the polled entrepreneurs plan to set up solar storage systems in the next three years.

[Anna Ivanova]

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