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Gas slowly being phased out of Australia mix

March 18, 2021


According to new analysis from the Climate Council, it’s clear that gas power is slowly starting to be phased out from the National Energy Market (NEM). 

The non-profit organisation found that output from gas generators fell to rock bottom levels over the past summer, reaching only a total of 5% of the market share. They believe that this was due to wind and solar power breaking records of their own, surging to new heights of generation. 

“Our existing gas power stations are struggling to compete with clean, reliable and affordable renewable energy and storage. Australia does not need any new gas,” said Climate Council senior researcher, Tim Baxter. 

A similar report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) mentioned that with more renewables coming into the market, the way the NEM currently relies on electricity demand has now become outdated. 

“Energy planners are currently grappling with the flood of renewable energy that is coming in and mixing with legacy coal-fired generation, reducing stability and raising the risk of blackouts,” said the author of the report, Tim Finnigan. 

[Ceyda Erem]

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