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Fluence plans 100-megawatt battery, slated to be biggest in Taiwan

July 06, 2022

Energy Storage News

Fluence has signed a deal for its third battery energy storage system (BESS) project in Taiwan, its biggest in the region so far.

The global energy system integration and energy optimisation services company announced today that it is targeting completion of the project for the middle of next year.

At 100MW/100MWh, it will be the largest of its type in Taiwan to date, but it joins a growing number of battery systems in development and construction in the island territory.

State-owned electric power company Taipower has set a target for 1,000MW of BESS within its service areas by 2025 to help balance the grid, with Taiwan home to many industrial and high tech sector activities as well as having ambitious renewable energy deployment policy targets.

In the longer term, another company active in the market, Taiwan Cement Corporation said in May that it believes Taiwan’s goals of installing 27GW of renewables by 2025 and 45GW by 2030 means that as much as 5GW and then 9GW respectively will be required to effectively integrate that capacity to the Taiwanese grid and on its nearby islands.

For Fluence, the latest project follows an initial 6MW/6MWh BESS order in Taiwan that was announced in December 2021 and then another for a 60MW/96MWh BESS which reported in April.

Each is with a different local partner company. Meanwhile, the energy storage technology company has now arrived at 4.8GW of BESS under contract or deployed worldwide, with a growing sideline in energy storage and renewable energy management and optimisation services. 

[Andy Colthorpe]

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