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Flow battery goes online at world’s largest hybrid project in UK

December 21, 2021

Energy Storage News:

Flow battery company Invinity Energy Systems, alongside developer Pivot Power, has fully energised the UK’s largest flow battery, located in Oxford, England.

It forms part of the £41 million (US$54.2 million) Energy Superhub Oxford (ESO) project, which is set to support the city’s goal of being zero carbon by 2040 or earlier, by integrating rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging, hybrid battery storage, low carbon heating and smart energy management technologies.

As such, the 5MWh flow battery will combine with a 50MWh Wärtsilä lithium-ion battery energy storage system (BESS) to operate as a single energy storage asset, with the lithium-ion component actived in June.

This will make it not only will the largest directly-transmission-connected battery installed in the UK to date, but also the largest vanadium flow and lithium-ion hybrid battery ever deployed, Invinity said.

In the ESO hybrid energy storage system, Invinity’s vanadium flow batteries are used to ‘front-end’ the energy asset, acting as a first line of response when the system is called into service. This means that the lithium-ion battery will only get called into service after the required response exceeds the capacity of the Invinity battery.

The Invinity flow battery therefore performs much of the ‘heavy-lifting’ while reducing the wear on the lithium-ion battery, with the flow battery not degrading with use, meaning it can cycle indefinitely.

[Alice Grundy]

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