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First utility-scale solar plant now providing 10% of Burundi energy

May 15, 2023

Construction Review:

Burundi’s president Ndayishimiye attends an event to visit first utility-scale solar plant in Mubuga. The event embraced many high-profile diplomats including United States ambassadors and announcements on the intentions to double capacity were made. “We celebrate economic and climate progress in Burundi, which is open to direct foreign investment to catalyze economic growth for our people.” The president lauded while inviting international partners to assist Burundi in solar power generation capacity.

Built through a multinational effort, the pioneering 7.5 MW solar PV plant near Mubuga has been in operation since May 2021.  The First Utility-Scale Solar Plant provides over 10% of Burundi’s electricity, supplying clean power to thousands of homes and businesses. The plant supports international efforts to surge renewables and climate investment, especially for the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Gigawatt Global, REPP, Inspired Evolution and DFC are among the international partners who currently help Burundi in development projects. Burundi has a fertile soil for coffee and tea farming and further an industrious population thus requires much assistance in achieving their full potential. Therefore, this solar field project will highly ensure energy security reliable for agro-business.

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