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ExxonMobil deal ‘becoming very costly for Guyana’

January 05, 2021

Kaieteur News:

In this society when a well-meaning citizen, no matter how neutral he or she may be, dares to open his/her mouth and offer a comment, or take a stand, on a controversial issue, there is the high risk of being branded – in sharp terms, sometimes vile, too – as being the worst sort of partisan. That has been the case with race and politics, and oil management and economics. In terms of the latter, this is just what an outsider, not a so-called biased Guyanese, is doing. The fact that he is a foreigner and a Caucasian one at that, only adds to his clout and authenticity.

“Gas to shore project, a recipe for bankruptcy – US Financial expert” (KN January 01). Imagine that as the main headline that greeted Guyanese on New Year’s Day. Tom Sanzillo, Director of financial analysis at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) laid it on the line with that statement about the Gas to shore project being “a recipe for bankruptcy,” when he touched upon what is a high priority project with all kinds of promises and expectations dancing in the heads of Guyanese. Like we say, if a Guyanese were to risk saying that, he could be run out of town. 

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