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The European Commission (EC) will roll out carbon contracts for difference (CCfD) subsidies (see panel below) for green hydrogen using cash from its Innovation Fund “to support a full switch of the existing hydrogen production in industrial processes from natural gas to renewables and the transition to hydrogen-based production processes in new industrial sectors such as steel-making”.

As previously announced, the new REPowerEU plan sets a target for ten million tonnes of green hydrogen to be produced in the EU by 2030, with a further ten million tonnes imported. The combined 20 million tonnes would require approximately 600GW of new wind and solar power, and 200GW of electrolysers.

“The Commission will roll out carbon contracts for difference to support the uptake of green hydrogen by industry and specific financing for REPowerEU under the Innovation Fund, using emission trading revenues to further support the switch away from Russian fossil fuel dependencies.”

Repeated mentions of “renewable and fossil-free hydrogen” suggest that there is no room for blue H2 subsidies in the EU plans.

[Leigh Collins]

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