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Entergy looks to add 3 gigawatts of solar capacity in Louisiana

March 17, 2023

Entergy Louisiana has filed a request with the Louisiana Public Service Commission to add an additional 3GW of solar power to its generation portfolio.

This is on top of the nearly 225MW of solar power the company requested earlier this month.

In that regulatory filing, Entergy Louisiana sought approval for approximately 175MW from a facility in Iberville Parish and approximately 49MW from what would become the Sterlington Solar Facility in Ouachita Parish.

Collectively, 3,225MW of solar power are in the approval queue for potential construction, development and placement on the grid through agreements with Entergy Louisiana, a major step forward in meeting the sustainability needs of its current and future customers.

Entergy Louisiana president and chief executive Phillip May said: "Like never before, our state has opportunity to retain businesses, support expansion projects and attract new companies on a global scale, but it's going to take meeting their operational and sustainability needs.

"Our latest request for up to three gigawatts of renewable power, the largest such expansion request in state history, shows we're serious about not only protecting the environment by reducing our carbon footprint, but also continuing to be a major driver of economic development.

"This is not only a net-positive for our company and industries, but for the future of our state.

"I'm incredibly thankful to the countless local partners and officials who are helping bring projects such as these to the finish line.

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