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Enel Green Power built a record 5,223 megawatts of renewable capacity in 2022

January 30, 2023

Enel Green Power (EGP) built 5223MW of new renewable capacity in 2022, setting a company record.

The new capacity includes over 80 plants, mainly solar (2622MW) and wind (2160MW), along with 387MW of battery energy storage systems (BESS), representing an increase compared to 2021’s figures.

Geographically, the largest share of the new capacity was in North America, which saw 1985MW installed, mainly in the US. A further 1364 MW was installed in Latin America, mainly in Chile and Brazil, with another 1137MW in Europe, mainly in Italy and Spain.

An additional 737MW of new capacity was installed in Africa, Asia and Oceania.

In addition, in 2022 EGP set a record in terms of energy generated annually from renewable sources, with about 124TWh in total, of which 65.9TWh was from wind and solar (up by 10.5TWh compared to 2021), 52TWh from hydro and 6TWh from geothermal.

On top of the 5223MW built last year, EGP also set a record in terms of new renewable capacity under construction as of 31 December, 2022, with 67 plants for a total of approximately 7200MW, including 900MW of BESS.

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