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The Guardian:

A plan to “electrify everything” with rooftop solar, batteries and electric vehicles would save households across the country more than $5,000 a year and particularly benefit those living in outer Melbourne suburbs, according to a new analysis.

Electrification would involve fitting every home with solar panels and batteries and replacing gas devices – cooktops, hot water and heating systems – and petrol cars with electric models.

A report by Dr Saul Griffith, the founder of Rewiring Australia and a former adviser to the US government on energy policy, last year suggested a $12bn investment in household electrification over five years could eliminate a third of Australia’s emissions while saving households $40bn a year by 2028.

New modelling breaks the savings down for each federal electorate. Griffith found the 10 seats expected to benefit the most include several in the outer suburbs and on the fringe of Melbourne. They were McEwen, Casey, Holt, La Trobe, Aston and Menzies.

[Adam Morton]

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