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EDPR added 2.1 gigawatts of new renewable capacity in 2022

January 26, 2023

EDP Renewables (EDPR) added 2100MW of new renewable energy capacity in 2022, to reach a total installed capacity of 14,700MW.

The total installed capacity of 14.7GW in renewables capacity, includes asset rotations.

During 2022 new capacity additions mainly comprised solar, adding up to 1.1GW, with solar installations in the Asia Pacific region accounting for 700MW.

The company also installed wind and solar projects in North America and in Europe, including a hybrid wind-solar park in the Iberian Peninsula.

During 2022, EDPR secured asset rotation deals up to 1GW of capacity in Poland, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and the United States, with a successful build and transfer of a 200MW solar project in Indiana, the US.

By the end of 2022, Europe and North America accounted for 38% and 49% of the portfolio, respectively.

Asia Pacific, a region where EDPR entered in 2022 with the acquisition of Sunseap, already represents 5% of EDPR's total portfolio.

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