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Dutch government to invest $401 million in green hydrogen development efforts

April 12, 2021


The Netherlands aims to invest up to 338 million euros ($401 million) in green hydrogen projects as part of its push to meet climate goals, the Dutch government said on Friday.

The money, part of a 20 billion euro fund the government announced last year to strengthen the Dutch economy, will finance projects aimed at stimulating the production of green hydrogen, and finding ways to use the fuel in industry.

The government fund announced in 2020 will be distributed over the next five years to support education, infrastructure, and research and development projects. A sum of 3.7 billion euros from the fund was earmarked on Friday for infrastructure spending and for funding research in quantum computing, artificial intelligence and healthcare innovation.

The European Union has made hydrogen a key part of its roadmap to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, with plans to install 40 gigawatts of green hydrogen-producing electrolysers this decade.

But the development of green hydrogen is in a very early phase, and the costs of making it are still too high to compete with fossil fuels without government subsidies.

Various ambitious green hydrogen projects, including large electrolysers, have been announced in the Netherlands in recent years, but all are still waiting for a final investment decision.

[Bart Meijer]

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