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Developer plans second 3-gigawatt wind farm off Australia coast

August 12, 2022

Renew Economy:

Copenhagen Energy, an aspiring Danish renewable energy developer, has unveiled a second massive 3GW offshore wind project off the coast of Western Australia, this time off the coast of Kalbarri, some 500kms north of Perth.

The unveiling of the Midwest Offshore Wind Project follows that of the Leeuwin offshore wind project to the south of Perth near Bunbury, and appears to be a carbon copy in terms of number of turbines, capacity proposed, and the size of the turbines.

Copenhagen Energy – which describes itself as an energy trader and development entrepreneur – proposes to begin both projects to construction by 2028, which appears to be a highly ambitious timeline given the early stage of the projects and the fact that the Midwest proposal does not yet have environmental approvals.

It is also suggesting that it will use turbines between 15MW and 25MW – which don’t actually exist yet – but which would be taller than most skyscrapers with a height of 385 metres.

“The definitive number, final location/layout and ultimate turbine and platform specifications will be determined as the project progresses,” it says on its newly published project page.

[Giles Parkinson]

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