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Denmark plans to seek bids for 9 gigawatts of offshore wind capacity

February 21, 2023

Denmark plans to put 9 GW of new offshore wind capacity out to tender by the end of the year in an effort to increase its offshore wind capacity fivefold by 2030, according to the country’s Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities.

The government and the authorities are working to ensure that there is a quick clarification on whether offshore wind turbine projects and other renewable energy projects under the open door scheme are in breach of EU law, the Ministry said.

However, parallel to the dialogue with the EU Commission, Denmark’s Climate, Energy and Utilities Minister Lars Aagaard has announced that he will start putting 9 GW of offshore wind out to tender this year via state tenders.

The turbines from the 9 GW of offshore wind will be able to produce green electricity equivalent to covering the annual electricity consumption of more than nine million Danish and European households. The power can also go to Danish PtX projects.

The 9 GW of offshore wind originates from, among other things, the Climate Agreement on green electricity and heat from June 2022 and was concluded by a broad majority in the Danish Parliament before the general election. These are offshore wind turbine projects that must be sent to government tenders, and therefore have nothing to do with the projects that have applied under the open door scheme. 

[Adnan Durakovic]

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