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The Czech Republic is pushing for the European Union to scrap proposed deadlines for investment in nuclear energy, a Czech newspaper reported on Friday, as the EU tries to come up with a plan to transition to fully renewable energy.

In a proposal on Dec. 31, the EU Commission allows gas and nuclear investments to facilitate an eventual transition to fully renewable output, but suggests deadlines beyond which investments in existing and new nuclear projects would not be allowed.

“The Czech Republic requests to leave out the statutes which suggest a transitory nature of nuclear energy, namely the 2045 deadline for new plants operating permits, and 2040 for the existing plants,” the Czech government’s response read, according to the Hospodarske Noviny daily newspaper.

Industry Minister Jozef Sikela said that Prague welcomed the Commission’s proposal to count nuclear and gas among sustainable sources, but asked for changes.

“We have asked for adjustments to the proposal to make it realistic and non-discriminatory,” he said on Twitter, without mentioning the deadlines specifically.

[Robert Muller]

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