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Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) has committed to deploying €100bn into green energy investments by 2030.

CIP managing partner Jakob Baruel Poulsen said CIP has set an “ambitious target” of increasing annual investments into new renewable energy projects to around €10bn on average between 2022 and 2030.

CIPs €100bn ambition is underpinned by a pipeline of projects that is about one third offshore wind with the remaining two-thirds including onshore wind and solar PV, as well as other technologies such as Power-to-X, energy storage, energy islands, power transmission, electrification and advanced biofuels.

“In combination with financing from banks and partners, our average annual deployment will be almost €20bn per year during this period, resulting in significant CO2 reductions.

“We have already initiated this acceleration of activities across geographies and across all areas of greenfield renewable energy investments,” Baruel Poulsen said.

[Staff Report]

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