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Coal mining, production poses massive public health risk to Thar

March 29, 2021

The Daily News:

Thar will be a major air pollutant, mercury and CO2 emission hotspot in South, according to Asia Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air’s (CREA).

Moreover, the cumulative effects of mining and production will produce 29,000 deaths directly attributable to air pollution resulting from coal activities in the area. 

High capacity payments to thermal and coal power generators coupled with surplus installed generation capacity have been adding to increasing cost of electricity and worsening power sector’s circular debt, state the studies conducted by Institute for Energy Economic and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and World Wind Energy Association (WWEA).

The study underlined the significance of using the renewable energy of Sindh as the cheapest and the most cost competitive source of power that does not receive any capacity payments.

Simon Nicholas, author of IEEFA’s study titled ‘Thar Coal: Locking Pakistan into Unsustainable Capacity Payments’, said the government of Pakistan had already realized the gravity of capacity payment issue and raised it with the government of China, which had been sponsoring coal power projects in the country under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). 

[Zahid Hussain]

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