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Chevron Gorgon LNG project provides Australia with CCS test case

July 30, 2021

Financial Post: 

When Chevron Corp. won approval for its US$54-billion Gorgon liquefied natural gas plant, it promised to store 100 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in one of the world’s biggest carbon capture and storage facilities.

The U.S. energy group touted the project in Western Australia as a standard-bearer for CCS technology and the industry’s dream of gas production thriving even in a carbon-constrained world.

In the decade since, dozens of CCS initiatives have been launched. More than 30 projects have been announced in the past five years, according to the International Energy Agency, with the potential to triple the amount of CO2 captured each year.

But the evidence from Australia so far is mixed.

[ Jamie Smyth and David Sheppard ] 

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