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Renew Economy:

The switch to a renewable based grid is complex, rapid and irreversible. And recent events, such as the international geopolitics that has created chaos in Australian and global energy markets – has only strengthened the case for an accelerated green energy transition.

That is the main message from Australia’s Energy Market Operator in releasing the final version of its 2022 Integrated System Plan, its roadmap to a rapid transition to a grid dominated by renewables, featuring two-way energy flows and technologies that will draw on cheap, green power rather than coal, gas and oil.

“Recent international events and Australian market events have further strengthened the case for the shift to renewables,” AEMO chief executive Daniel Westerman says.

“Investment in low-cost renewable energy, firming resources and essential transmission remains the best strategy to deliver affordable and reliable energy, protected against international market shocks.”

And, in a pointed acknowledgment of the new federal Labor government and its $20 billion transmission plan, he notes that “Rewiring the Nation” policy will support the ISP roadmap’s timely and effective delivery.

[Giles Parkinson]

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