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Renew Economy:

Renewables delivered a record 35.4 per cent share of generation on Australia’s main grid in the month of September, one of many new benchmarks set in this transformative spring, and underlining the accelerating pace of the energy transition.

The fact that a record share is set in September is not surprising, given that temperatures are usually mild and demand relatively low, and “instantaneous” levels of renewables have been hitting record highs (61.7 per cent), and pushing minimum demand and coal generation down to record lows.

The new monthly record for renewables is well above the same month last year (30.7 per cent), and has lifted the 12-month average of renewables to above 30 per cent (30.1 per cent) for the first time, according to Dylan McConnell, an energy expert from the Climate and Energy College in Melbourne.

September also saw a new record for VRE (variable renewable energy, or just wind and solar), with a 28 per cent share over the month. Wind was the biggest contributor with 13.6 per cent of total generation, followed by rooftop solar with 9.7 per cent and utility scale solar with 4.4 per cent.

[Giles Parkinson]

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