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Renew Economy:

The total capacity of proposed generation and storage projects has reached 150GW for the first time, as the Australian Energy Market Operator prepares to release the final version of its latest 20-year blueprint for the future grid.

AEMO, which is due to unveil the 2022 Integrated System Plan on Thursday, noted in a Tweet on Tuesday that the proposed capacity of new projects, mostly wind and solar and storage, now totalled 150.7GW, or 150,732MW, this month.

Not all of this capacity will be built, but much of it will, with the combined total of actual generation and storage installed in the grid likely to nearly triple from 59GW now to 150GW by 2032, by which time the grid will be dominated by renewables and storage.

“AEMO’s Generation Information file, updated in June, shows the fuel mix for existing generation and storage capacity in the NEM, totalling 59 GW,” it said.

“Projects in the pipeline are expected to increase this number to 150GW by 2032, with renewables leading the way.”

[Giles Parkinson]

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