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Australia net-zero debate is over, even if plan hasn’t been developed

January 29, 2021


The Morrison government has not modelled an Australian pathway to zero net emissions, despite the prime minister claiming that the debate over zero emissions was over, according to information provided by department officials to a parliamentary inquiry on Friday.

Representatives from the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources appeared before a committee hearing on Friday, which is currently undertaking a review of a Climate Change Bill proposed by independent MP Zali Steggall.

Director of Energy Finance Studies at Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, Tim Buckley, also told the committee that Australia could be moving faster in its transition to clean energy sources, and that it was being left behind by other countries.

“The costs of inaction are huge. But we also need to figure in that the opportunities for Australia are equally huge, and that Australia will be a world superpower in energy in renewable energy, and that opportunity shouldn’t be overlooked,” Buckley told the hearing.

“Australia should be a leader, not a laggard as we currently are.”

“We are one of the top three exporters of fossil fuels. So we’re profiteering as the rest of the world is getting on to decarbonise,” Buckley added. 

[Michael Mazengarb]

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