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Renew Economy:

Infigen Energy is hoping to commence early operations at Australia’s largest combined wind and solar projects, near the South Australian town of Port Augusta, before the end of this year.

The Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park will see around 100 MW of solar generation paired with  210MW of wind capacity, although its combined output will be restricted to a maximum of 270MW.

The Essential Services Commission of South Australia has published a formal application from Infigen Energy for a generation licence for the Port Augusta hybrid project, which will be located around 8 kilometres south east of Port Augusta.

The project is will be, for a time at least, Australia’s largest combined wind and solar facility, and will allow  Infigen, now owned by Spain’s Iberdrola,  to coordinate the supply of power from the respective wind and solar farms through shared infrastructure.

The application for a generator licence is a key step in the development of the hybrid project that will enable Infigen Energy to sell power it produces into the national electricity market.

[Michael Mazengarb]

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