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Renew Economy:

A new player has emerged in Australia’s fledgling offshore wind industry, revealing plans to deliver three large-scale floating offshore generation and storage projects, with between 6GW and 9GW of combined capacity.

The company, Direct Infrastructure, founded by Brendan Warn and Jacob Jonker, aims to build these massive projects off the coasts of Victoria, NSW and Western Australia and is targeting first commercial generation in about 2030.

The team behind the ambitions has its roots in the resources sector, with Warn a former oil and gas analyst with Macquarie, among others, and Jonker a former Rio Tinto senior executive.

And that team grew in size this week to add former Woodside CEO Peter Coleman as independent non-executive chair and Guy Outen, a former head of strategy at Shell, as independent non-executive director.

Warn says that while they all have their roots in resources, and more specifically the extraction of fossil fuels, all four keenly understand the urgent need to decarbonise industry and economies and are keen to play a leading role.

[Sophie Vorrath]

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