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Closures among Australia’s ageing coal-fired power plants could accelerate in the second half of this decade based on the latest greenhouse gas (GHG) emission projections to 2030 report.

The report projected the closure of 11,000MW or 44pc of the existing coal plant fleet by the end of the decade, almost double the capacity that was forecast to close by Australia’s energy markets operator earlier this year.

Australia’s emission projections 2021 report estimates that Australia will see the installed capacity of its coal-fired power plants falling from 25,000MW in 2019 to 23,000MW by 2025 and to 14,000MW by 2030. Coal-fired power plants account for almost two thirds of Australia’s power generation.

The latest forecast in the report, which is published by the Australian government’s department of industry, science, energy and resources (DISER), means that another 5,000MW of coal-fired power plants would be closed from the forecast made in the 2020 emissions projections report published 12 months ago when it forecast a coal-fired power plant fleet of 19,000MW in 2030.

[Kevin Morrison]

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