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PV Tech:

Arizona Public Service (APS) has issued an all-source request for proposals (RFP) for 1-1.5GW of resources to be added before 2027.

Among the resources the APS aims to add, up to 800MW has been allocated for renewables and energy storage with projects intended to be completed from the beginning of 2025 through June 2027.

APS has issued the RFP in partnership with its Resource Planning Advisory Council as it expects consumer demand to surge in line with a growing population. The utility service is also aiming to shutter its remaining coal-fired generation assets by 2031.

Justin Joiner, vice president of resource management at APS, said: “To get the right combination of resources, we need collaboration. The stakeholder advisory council shared important, diverse perspectives that we incorporated into the design of our new RFP. Together, we’re finding solutions to the resource complexities unfolding in the West and the driving energy demand on our system.”

Last year, a PV Tech Power article looked beyond the three US states – California, Florida and Texas – that dominated the solar market in the country, with Arizona among the ones set to increase its installation of solar power in the coming years.

[Jonathan Tourino Jacobo]

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