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Analyst defends ExxonMobil-Guyana deal

January 15, 2021

Guyana Times:

Guyana needs to be wary of the many so-called foreign experts who are seeking to dominate the local press and pronounce on Guyana’s economic affairs. To this end, particular reference is made to the commentaries of Tom Sanzillo, Director of Financial Analysis at the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), and Gerard Kreeft, another so-called energy transition advisor.

Tom Sanzillo sought to argue – without any facts or any real analysis – that the gas-to-shore project is a recipe for bankruptcy. His analysis was carried widely in the Kaieteur News on several occasions, to the extent that other so-called experts are relying on this flawed and disingenuous work of the IEEFA, which is being propagated widely in Guyana.

Gerard Kreeft recently made such reference, and also sought to argue that Guyana’s promised billions is an illusion.

[JC Bhagwandin]

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